this global crisis has provided an unprecedented

    I have lived here for five years. Yes, I'm older, but not retired. I love it here because of all the trees and the quiet and the beauty. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the project has been shelved; it is no longer financially viable without sacrificing core parts of the plan. There are bigger fish for tech companies to fry: rising needs for telehealth, distance learning, contactless deliveries and the like. This global crisis has provided an unprecedented golden opportunity for "surveillance capitalism" tech companies manipulating everything we do and commodifying our data with the sole purpose of making a profit..
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I will say that I was there 3 years ago on July 4th it was 117 degrees but didn't seem much warmer than 100 (I grew up in the SW). It was pretty gnarly, I blew up like a balloon and had to buy bigger shoes. That would go away with acclimation I think..
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